The Art of the Ask – 90 minutes
Art of the Ask is a workshop created to help overcome obstacles that get in the way of asking others to support a cause. Too often organizations struggle with getting the monies needed to operate because those responsible for raising the funds are uncomfortable with asking others for money. In this workshop we out all of our obstacles and fears of fundraising on the table. We then work together, as a group to create solutions to overcome these obstacles and move toward success.

Coaching for Results: Using the ICF Core Competencies to Coach Your Team – 3 hours
Coaching for Results is a 3 hour workshop that provides the skills needed to effectively coach your team to results. In this workshop we review the 12 core competencies set forth by the International Coaching Federation for effective and appropriate coaching. Then we focus in on and practice the ones that are most helpful to all leaders in order to connect to their team and positively influence results.

Creating Your Personal Brand – 60 minutes
In Creating Your Personal Brand we take a look at the characteristics that make the brands we know today so popular. We also take a look at the definition of a personal brand and delve into why some personal brands of famous people are positive or not so positive. Finally, we look at the 4 steps to creating a personal brand statement and some of the things we should and should not do to reinforce our brands with others.

Dress for Success: An Interactive Workshop – 60 minutes
Dress for Success is a fun interactive workshop that focuses on the do’s and don’ts for the big interview. In this workshop how to dress is covered for both men and women and the groups learnings are then put to the test as we take provide advice to a “friend” who is getting ready to go to an interview.

Internet Safety – 60 minutes
We are a society where a lot of what we do is on the Internet and the impact this has on our lives is becoming more and more significant each day. In this workshop, we take a look at how to protect ourselves, our information and our reputation when it comes to social media.

Interviewing: The Basics – 60 minutes
Interviewing Basics covers the basic information one should know prior to going into the interview. In this workshop we cover all of the details from creating the resume to how to follow-up after the interview has been completed.

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