“Connecting women and business owners to the place that resonates with love, faith and happiness."

Who is J. Smith & Company

Over 10 years of Human Resources experience, Fortune 100 Company, Non-Profit experience, Sole Proprietorship and Minority owned


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A Real Hard P.U.S.H.

Hello J Spot! My question today is…. What are you P.U.S.H.’ing through? When I went off to college and even after that, every time I called my mother to share something going on in my life that I perceived as hard or ultimately insurmountable, she always told me the same thing, “Jenine, P.U.S.H.  Pray Until […]

Take the Risk

This week I want to talk about taking the risk. I thought it would be a nice follow-up to last weeks post about true courage. I was reading an article by Best Selling Author and Forbes Columnist, Margie Warrell. And she had some pretty interesting things to say about risk taking. Let me paraphrase her […]

True Courage

Sigh….so it’s been a really long time since my first post to the J Spot.  I wouldn’t be worth my salt as a coach if I didn’t dig deeper to find out what that was all about.  While I haven’t posted since June, that’s not to say that I haven’t logged in or even written […]

Welcome to J’s Spot!

Hello and welcome to my inaugural blog post…J’s Spot. J’s Spot is intended to be a blog that poses questions to help you facilitate the process of getting to that place in your life where you are the happiest and laser focused. The place that makes you feel like you are aligned with the purpose […]

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