Let’s Get Joy

What are you doing right now when there is something else you could be doing that would give you real joy?

One Friday night after a long week of meetings and appointments, my fiancé and I decided to go out for a drink.  Earlier in the day I’d seen an advertisement for a local restaurant that was hosting live entertainment.  We both enjoy the atmosphere of live music, so we thought this would be a great way to end our week.  It had been a while since we’d had the live music experience and I was excited to go.  Besides, the last few weeks we had spent our Friday nights at home in our own little world, so this was sure to be a welcome change of pace.  It was to be a casual affair and there would be no cover charge.   This outing would require very little effort on our part, exactly what we needed.  Finally, the day was done and it was time to go.  We’d eaten dinner with a plan to have dessert at the restaurant.  We get there…..It was not at all what I had set myself up for.  The whole flow was off!  The restaurant was not prepared for this type of entertainment.  The songstress was stuck in the middle of the floor left to sing her ballads over the clanking of dishes and silverware as the busboys emptied their arms of dirty plates and cups.  The walkway to and from the bar lead directly in front of the songstress!  How nerve racking for both me and her.  Then there was the “live” music that turned out to be a guitar, a keyboard and the young lady singing.  Again, this was not at all what I expected.  Then it hit me, somewhere between the half consumed drinks and finishing my banana cream pie.  This was not where I wanted to be.  I was wasting my time.  While I was out in the night with happy people all around me, I realized that this was not where I wanted to be.  Where I really wanted to be, was at home, on my couch, with my dog and a glass of wine doing the things that meant the most to me.  Writing.  Snuggling.  Laughing at bad movies. Those are the things that really give me joy.

So, what is it for you?

What are you doing right now when there is something else you could be doing that would give you real joy?

At the J Spot, I can start the conversation, but it takes your thoughts, ideas and love to make it grow.  So, take the risk, leave a comment below where it says “Leave Your Contribution to the Community…”  Let us support you on the journey to finding your passion.

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