The Next Evolution…

LogoHello J Spot Community!

Over the last few weeks when I have written Take the Risk  and True Courage with an eye toward believing we can do things beyond what we can see with our eyes only.  Now I have the opportunity to do just that.

As I have spoken with some of you, I have shared that J. Smith & Co. is much more than just a business. For me, J. Smith & Co. is the culmination of a dream that, for a while, I didn’t even know I had. A dream that included creating a company for the sole purpose of helping others reach their goals. Each day I get closer and closer. Each day I talk to someone new who is happy to hear about what I do and how they can partner with me. It is truly a surreal experience for me. Each time it happens I am reminded that I am truly blessed.

That said, please allow me to share with you the next evolution of J. Smith & Co.

Talk radio.

Starting on Monday July 28th I debuted the very first episode of my new talk radio show, Behind the Desk. Behind the Desk is a show that I created to talk about Human Resources and Human Resources related issues. Here are the details….

  • New episodes of Behind the Desk air every Monday at 2:00 PM PST.
  • Behind the Desk airs on an Internet “radio” station on the 1TalkNetwork.  In order to tune in, you can do so in 2 ways:
    1. Log on to Click the large button “play” button next to the words “Listen Live”.
    2. Go to your app store and download the RadioLoyalty or Tunein app. Once in the app search 1talknetwork.
  • If you miss the show on Mondays, you can always catch replays of the show each day the rest of the week at 2:00 PM PST.

I am so grateful to have you all as a part of my network. Without you this does not work. So tune in. Leave your feedback and suggestions for radio show topics below in the comments section.


Continue to be blessed!


Welcome to J’s Spot!


Hello and welcome to my inaugural blog post…J’s Spot.

J’s Spot is intended to be a blog that poses questions to help you facilitate the process of getting to that place in your life where you are the happiest and laser focused. The place that makes you feel like you are aligned with the purpose for which you were created.

In this blog , I hope to ask questions and share thoughts that will contribute to you thinking differently about your life and ultimately encourage you to act on the things that you’ve always wanted to do. Comment often. Forward to your friends and even email me personally. As people who thrive on positive energy there is a lot that we have to offer the world. So let’s get started….

What have you been waiting to get started on?

At the J Spot, I can start the conversation, but it takes your thoughts, ideas and love to it to make it grow. So, shake off the fear, leave a comment below and let us support you on the journey to finding your passion.

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